Sunday, March 8, 2009

On the Set of "Privileged:" Girl Room Gets Glam

As promised in my earlier post about the set of the CW's "Privileged," I got the inside scoop from production designer, Rachel Kamerman, and set decorator, Claire Kaufman, about designing teen character Sage's new dreamy bedroom set. Needless to say, the duo had a ton of fun putting this Palm Beach "It-Girl" abode together, but the duo also wants their viewers to know that the look is not all about expense.

"It was so important to us that viewers didn't turn off the show and feel like they could never get this look in their own room," explains Kamerman. "We wanted girls to look at this room and feel they can go buy some of these pieces with their babysitting money." An example? The chandelier printed pillows above came from Target. The key to the look was more about mixing some expensive pieces with inexpensive finds and creative use of materials.

Kamerman's inspiration for this headboard design came from a night club set for a previous episode starring Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz. The boxes are made of brass mica and the pink sections are glossy linoleum flooring from Linoleum City. "I wanted it to be very make-up like," says Kamerman.

The nightstands came from HD Buttercup and Kamerman and Kaufman had the dust ruffle made out of simple fringe. Circles are a recurring theme throughout the room. Notice the clever use of white painted wood circle cutouts adorning the pillars. The base is painted gold.

The wallpapered panels make a strong statement without papering the whole room -- and is less expensive. The wallpaper is Graham & Brown's "Tempting Chrysanthemum" in chocolate and pink and can be found at

The chaise came from the Warner Brothers' Studio prop house and was recovered and tufted in white. The gold foil key pillows are from Room Service. Kaufman adorned the window treatments with studs. "It's all about embellishing," she says.

Here is a full look at the set. The screen adorning the sides of the desk were inspired by a 1970s pattern Kamerman has in her vintage collection and recreated by her carpenter. The desk shown last week came from one of my favorite L.A. spots, Room Service.

Art was used sparingly in the room. "Keep it simple," advises Kaufman. But she reminds us to make it fun: "Put an art painting next to a rock poster."

M.A.C. cosmetics provided the latest Hello Kitty line to complete the girly-glam theme.


  1. I LOVE the gorgeous mouldings and that Rachel and Claire redesigned keeping Sage's pink and gold theme tied in since those are my two favorite colors too! I actually completely renovated my old room just recently and tried to get inspiration from the show, though somehow my use of pinks and gold came off more juvenile. If only they could have redone my room! Wow, great update!

  2. H, really thanks for coming...
    I love your post so much too.
    See you soon
    Love Iole

  3. I think those pictures look beautiful. You've got a really nice blog. This is my first time visiting it, but I like it a lot. Cheers!

  4. Great set and interesting to see the behind the scenes theory!

  5. Love that they were thoughtful about including pieces that could be bought with babysitting money. All that is missing are a few taped up, crinkled from the folds, posters.

    But, when the season finale came on and I saw that the bedroom had been changed i was very sad, but pleased because it still looks brilliant if more, but what happened to the girl’s old bedframes, headboards, duvets…? I know where to get it myself but shipping is killer and the price is quite heafty for $2,000 a duvet. I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to take them off your hands at a price! At least one set (bed wise) :)

  7. OMG, i was watching the season final of the show and was admiring sages new room i wanted some inspiration and was so happy this site was so easy to find. love the room !

  8. Does anyone know where to get Sage's new bedding? I just love it! I've been looking and looking for some and couldn't find anything I liked until now... It's just so perfect! =)

  9. I Love Sage's new room!!! OMG it is amazing. But i was wondering what happened to the girls old bedroom?? and if you have anything spare from their rooms, i would love to have it at a price ofcoarse. :)