Wednesday, February 25, 2009


If you haven't caught on to the CW's "Privileged," you are missing a really fun watch! If not for the fab clothes and witty banter (shout out to Marco!), watch it for the incredible Palm Beach digs in which most of the show takes place. Production designer Rachel Kamerman did an incredible job creating the glamorous Baker estate that truly provides a feast for the eyes in every shot. Light and airy it is not, but if rich colors, heavy stone and pure opulence describe your style sense, you will love this mansion.

It turns out Kamerman has posted short guided tours of some of the rooms in the estate on the CW Web site I will have more in the coming days from Rachel and her set design team about how they put the house together and where you can find the furniture and accessories they used. In the meantime here are some pics from the set.

Everywhere you look there are groupings of interesting accessories. Rachel and her team had to do a lot of shopping to fill this set up!

I love this guy. As Rachel mentions in her video tour, set budgets are tight and many items were found at flea markets. Perhaps this was one of those treasures?
The Baker Estate loggia is a perfect example of how to bring the inside outdoors.

Brave choice! Cobalt blue silk drapes in what could otherwise be an imposing dining room seem to bring the fictional azure Palm Beach ocean inside.
The teenage twins, Rose and Sage, shared a bedroom earlier in the season but now they have their own rooms. Sage's room is the off the chain! We will hear from Rachel about how she and her team pulled the look together, but here is a preview.

I love the gilt squares and rectangles hung behind her bed. What an inexpensive way to create the sculptural look.
So simple, yet such high impact. Glam up a desk by affixing screens to each side.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vanessa Seward Envys "Mahogany"

Flipping through my latest issue of Tatler magazine ( I LOVE British fashion mags!) I saw a fabulous profile on Azzaro designer Vanessa Seward. Amongst her inspirations is the ever- fabulous 1975 film, "Mahogany," starring Diana Ross and the had-it-before-Obama-cool Billy Dee Williams.

"Mahogany" is a study in 1970s glittery glam mixed with a gritty dose of 1970s confusion and search of self. The clothes are to die for to this day and Azzaro's most recent collection perfectly captures the vibe.
The "Mahogany" set is also a study in 1970's bohemian chic juxtaposed with more formal velvet-clad flash of the same era. Buddahs and batik meets gilt and gaudiness, if you will.
This look works as well today. Don't forget the patchouli oil.
Gump's carries several versions of Buddah. I think this one is perfect!
A "Mahogany" inspired room is not complete without the Diva herself!

While it may be the velvet and gilt is best left to the 70s, it does possess a certain chain-smoking 70's socialite charm.

Friday, February 6, 2009

"Something's Gotta Give" Again

When writing about the art of set decoration, it's impossible not to give props to one of the most talked about sets in recent years, 2004's "Something's Gotta Give." Set decorator Beth Rubino hit this Hamptons beach house baby out of the park. It remains the object of envy for many of us. There is a great article about the Rubino and her work on the set in this Architectural Digest issue.

The new British Colonial line at Williams-Sonoma Home perfectly captures the spirit of this Hampton's-chic look: Elegant, timeless, comfortable, inviting:

Cuddle up with Keanu. Or a good book, if you prefer.

When guests drive out from the city. Make mine a Lemon Drop.

Just like Erica Barry's desk where she wrote and cried - A LOT.

Close your eyes and listen to the (real or imagined) crashing waves just outside your window.

The perfect beach house Audubon prints.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship...

It is with butterflies in my stomach that I am taking my first step into the blogosphere today with the introduction of Set Envy. This is my labor of love as I combine my two passions - Hollywood set design and home design. I am an avid design blog reader and I hope to inspire and entertain half as well as my blog heroes.

With a nod to Valentine's Day I thought it would be fun to look at some girly romantic film sets. Renee Zellweger's character in the film Down With Love has the ultimate glam-girl digs designed by Don Diers. Although the film takes place in 1962, you Jonathan Adler fans will notice his signature horse sculpture. There are certain times in life a girl should have a fabulous pink upholstered piece of furniture in her life. I once read that pink can be considered a neutral color and can be mixed with many others. I agree and am scheming already...

How about these for a little girlfriend gossip session?

From a fabulous store in Los Angeles called Room Service, the Down With Love Sofa!

If Elsa Schiaparelli designed a sofa , this shocking pink beauty would be it!