Friday, February 6, 2009

"Something's Gotta Give" Again

When writing about the art of set decoration, it's impossible not to give props to one of the most talked about sets in recent years, 2004's "Something's Gotta Give." Set decorator Beth Rubino hit this Hamptons beach house baby out of the park. It remains the object of envy for many of us. There is a great article about the Rubino and her work on the set in this Architectural Digest issue.

The new British Colonial line at Williams-Sonoma Home perfectly captures the spirit of this Hampton's-chic look: Elegant, timeless, comfortable, inviting:

Cuddle up with Keanu. Or a good book, if you prefer.

When guests drive out from the city. Make mine a Lemon Drop.

Just like Erica Barry's desk where she wrote and cried - A LOT.

Close your eyes and listen to the (real or imagined) crashing waves just outside your window.

The perfect beach house Audubon prints.


  1. Kathleen, can I say how fabulous I think your blog is?! I'm a production design major at art school and I love it!

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