Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vanessa Seward Envys "Mahogany"

Flipping through my latest issue of Tatler magazine ( I LOVE British fashion mags!) I saw a fabulous profile on Azzaro designer Vanessa Seward. Amongst her inspirations is the ever- fabulous 1975 film, "Mahogany," starring Diana Ross and the had-it-before-Obama-cool Billy Dee Williams.

"Mahogany" is a study in 1970s glittery glam mixed with a gritty dose of 1970s confusion and search of self. The clothes are to die for to this day and Azzaro's most recent collection perfectly captures the vibe.
The "Mahogany" set is also a study in 1970's bohemian chic juxtaposed with more formal velvet-clad flash of the same era. Buddahs and batik meets gilt and gaudiness, if you will.
This look works as well today. Don't forget the patchouli oil.
Gump's carries several versions of Buddah. I think this one is perfect!
A "Mahogany" inspired room is not complete without the Diva herself!

While it may be the velvet and gilt is best left to the 70s, it does possess a certain chain-smoking 70's socialite charm.